Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rice Shoulder Heating Pad, with Lavender Project

craftyendeavor Crafty Endeavor website shares how to make a relaxing rice shoulder heating pad that has soothing lavender sewn inside to help heal sore muscles. The pattern is shaped to form easily around your neck and shoulders to spread heat where you need it the most.
For more details please visit : thehomesteadsurvival.com

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  1. I was so excited to see this rice shoulder wrap and I loved seeing the pictures. The only problem I have is that there aren't any instructions to take me step by step. I am new to the sewing projects and I still need help to get me through the putting it together and sewing it up. Can anyone direct me to the instructions? I sure would appreciate it! Thank you in advance! Karen

  2. I went to the crafty endeavor site and did a search for the Rice Shoulder Heating Pad but there were no instructions like you said! I truly would love it if someone would help me get the instructions or give me the site that I can go to and get the instructions. Please make sure it is a true site that really does give me the directions for the Rice Shoulder Heating Pad!!! Thanks to whoever jumps in to help me!!

    1. Hi Karen, I realized after I posted that I should've hit "reply" so you'd see what I wrote. If you never did get directions (after all that was 1-½ years ago) I posted info below your post.

  3. All the areas in red outline are the main seams when you have the two pieces of fabric facing each other (right sides together.) After you turn the fabric with the right side out, you sew the straight green lines. Fill in each section (that has become similar to a pocket or baffle) and then sew the outside edges together. If you overfill, you won't be able to close each pocket (or baffle.)

  4. Hi Joni, thanks for this tutorial, very clear and a great idea. A nice Christmas present I think. Do you remember how much rice you used? Normal rice?

  5. How do you find the pattern for this?
    I would really like to make one of these for my grandmother, but I can not find the pattern. Thank you in advance ��


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