Saturday, July 27, 2013

Halloween Painted Jar Luminaries

One layer of acrylic craft paint was enough for these, but you can add another if you like. Just be careful if you do, glass is picky about being painted and will peel if you don’t allow the first layer to dry completely...I painted the jar rims (and faces) with black paint. Then let them all dry for about half an hour. Spray with glaze, I use two coats. Let dry for several hours.
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  1. Replies
    1. I bet you can either use the battery operated kind or drill holes in the tops of the lids so the candles get air!

  2. do you paint both inside the jar and out? and both inside and out for the glaze?

  3. I'm making a TMNT piggy bank jar, and was debating on whether or not I should just get spray paint, or use the acrylic craft paint I bought yesterday... So many people make painting mirrors and glass jars so easy but I tried a homemade chalkboard craft on glass in a frame (to be a cute bday present for my niece to write down notes and such for school etc) and it kept scraping off with every stroke of the chalk, or if anything like a finger nail scraped it?? I ended up flipping the chalkboard painted side so it was on the inside (spent too much time painting it and letting it dry, painting again, letting it dry etc) and gave her chalkboard markers so she could still use the unpainted glass surface as a writing board. VERY hesitant now... Maybe I should just try spray paint?? Any suggestions?? Thanks!


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