Saturday, September 14, 2013

How to Make Stepping Stones – with a Cake Pan

Instructions garden stone Use cake pan mold, contact paper, broken dishes. Why not lay your design on plain paper template the size of your mold,FACE UP so you can see it. Then, stick contact paper to it, and place the whole thing in the pan Face Down? The contact paper will still be in the pan sticky side up with the dish pieces on it face down and the quickcrete poured on the whole shibang..

You will need:

  • Round non-stick cake pan (You could also use a heart-shaped pan)
  • Vaseline
  • Contact paper
  • Old plates or saucers that you don’t need (I got mine at the thrift store)
  • Glass gems
  • sea glass (optional)
  • concrete
  • marine varnish
  • Mosaic Glass Cutter (Optional. I did not use of of these, but if you want more precise cuts, this is the way to go.)
  • chicken wire or other type of wire mesh
  • safety glasses
  • rubber gloves
  • dust mask
  • hammer
  • bucket
  • trowel
  • water

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