Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cardboard Tube Bunny Rabbit Family

Use Sharpie to add eyes and whiskers. If you like, cut a simple apron from white felt for the mom. Cut out a small carrot from orange and green felt and glue to the apron. Glue apron in place. Glue 2 buttons to the front of the dad.

3 cardboard toilet paper tubes
1 cardboard paper towel tube
7 miniature pink and/or orange pom-poms
felt in various colors for bow ties and hair bows
hot glue gun
black Sharpie marker
white, orange and green felt for apron (optional)
2 buttons (optional)

Paint (I used the following Folk Art colors, you can use whatever type of acrylic craft paint you prefer):

Pink Melon (dark pink)
Medium Orange (bright orange)
Pink Balloon (light pink)
Medium Blue (bright light blue)
Daffodil Yellow (bright yellow)
Purple Lilac (light purple)
Lime Green (bright light green)

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